Marginal Wood Fern- Pack of Four

Dryopteris marginalis

Picture credit to: Krzysztof Ziarnek Kenraiz

Original picture is published under the creative commons license.

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Marginal Wood Fern (Dryopteris marginalis) is an evergreen fern which grows in a neat clump and does not spread. It will be a great addition to your shady rock gardens or as a garden border! The leaves of Marginal Wood Fern are bright green in colour in the spring and turn to a bluish-green colour around mid-summer.   

Marginal Wood Fern can tolerate drier soils and requires low maintenance once established. It can also tolerate tree root competition. Its foliage provides a year round protection for birds and small animals.

Plant in soil rich in organic matter. Add only a thin layer of mulch to avoid crown rot. Ensure enough watering is provided during the hot summer months.

*Please note that for shipping reasons, ferns must be purchased in a pack of four. If you would prefer an assortment of four different fern species, these are available under the plant pack section.

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Soil Requirements

Humus-Rich, Acidic-to-Neutral, Rich in Organic Matter

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Partial Shade to Shade