Pawpaw Tree


Asimina triloba

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A small growing tree that can sometimes take the form of a large shrub. Commonly grown in the warmer climates of Southern Ontario, but can tolerate some cooler climates. Holds its green foliage well into the fall before turning a bright yellow. Prefers to be grown in soil that is slightly acidic (Sandy) and consistently moist. Choose a location that has more sun than shade and protected from strong winds. Highly popular because of its large tropical like fruit that is edible when cooked. A fun fact about this tree is that it is pollinated by beetles, not by bees. Two or more trees are needed for pollination.


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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 40 cm
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Poisonous To Humans
Moisture Requirements

Medium, Moist

Soil Requirements

Clay Loam, Sandy Loam

Light Requirements

Sun to Partial Shade