Planting Info

All of our material is grown in a fibre plug, making it convenient to ship and easy for you to readily plant. When you receive your plants, immediately take them out of the box. Some of our plugs are inserted into a plastic pot before shipping; don’t forget to remove this pot before planting. You will want to plant as soon as possible to ensure optimal growth.

If you are planting before the end of May please note that there is still a risk of frost at this time. If your plant is not dormant (has leaves growing on it) and frost is forecasted overnight, you can protect it from by covering with a light blanket or a pot/bucket turned upside down over the top of it.  If you cannot plant right away keep them well watered and out of direct sunlight.

When fall planting, we recommend to gently break up the root ball of each plant with your fingers as you plant. Following planting you should cover the soil surrounding your new plants with a couple of inches of mulch.  These two steps will help to prevent any frost heaving.
Refer to the tag (or species information on our website) to see where the ideal location is for your new plant.
When you are ready to plant, first loosely break up the plug with your fingers to stimulate growth, then dig a small hole slightly bigger and deeper than the size of the plug. The top of the plug should be only a couple centimetres below the soil surface. You may choose to add a soil amendment (compost) if your planting location is too hard or rocky. Mix the amendment with the soil you removed to make the hole and proceed to fill it in around the plug. Create a small well around the base of the stem for water collection. (See pictures below).

The coco fibre squares on the perennial plants can be placed on the soil surface after planting as a weed guard. The mats will also help keep retain moisture in the soil.

You will need to water your new plant(s) every few days for the first two weeks, then only as needed.

Enjoy and Happy Planting!